Swayze: Speed Limit Misunderstood - The Greenwood Commonwealth, June 18, 2013

Charlie Swayze III says many Greenwood motorists have a misunderstanding about speeding laws. They think they can drive up to five miles over the limit and not be ticketed.

"That's wrong. One mile over the limit is speeding," the city prosecutor told the Greenwood Rotary Club Monday.

From Jan. 1 through the end of May, 186 persons were found guilty in Greenwood Municipal Court of speeding offenses, according to Swayze.

Many of the violations were issued on the U.S. 82 bypass and West Claiborne Avenue, he said.

Unless posted differently, the speed limit in Greenwood is 25 miles per hour.

Swayze said accused speeders incriminate themselves when they make the argument that they weren't driving much over the limit.

"I love it when they come in and say they were going five miles over the limit," he said. "It makes my job easier."