Municipal Court Judge writes Letter to the Editor Commending WBS - The Greenwood Commonwealth, April 3, 2011

I am writing to comment on the Greenwood City Court. Our city is very fortunate to have highly qualified professionals handing our Municipal Court. 

Charles Swayze III has the very difficult job of representing the citizens of our community by prosecuting misdemeanor crimes that, if not addressed early, could very well place us in imminent danget down the road. He has a thnakless job, which he handles with extraordinary skill, legal knowledge and common sense. 

Although Neysha Sanders has stepped down from her position as Municipal Court Judges, she made her mark while presiding. Sanders handled her role with an eloquent grace. She weighed each case on its individual merits adn points of law, while treating each defendant with dignity. She showed wisdom well byond her years. 

I have lived in Greenwood and worked in the criminal justice system in different rolds for the past 30 years. I do not want to minimize either of these public servants' individual intelliegence and drive. However, I feel that they influence of their parents, who have served our community for years with honor and dignity, rings true in their children. In a time when people cry for parental control and positive influence, it is a large boom for our community that these public servants have passed on a wonderful legacy to their children. 

Jo Claire and Charlie Swayze Jr. and Betty and Alix Sanders, I want to thank you for teh inspiration you have been to your children. Both are credits to their profession, and Greenwood is fortuante to have had their service. 

Cathy F. Roberts, Lead Instructor, Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program in Greenwood